Mobile application for bus operator

integration with server side backend, google maps, GPS, address provider, Paypal and card payment, encryption and security

plan your journey
find connections
check exactly when your bus will arrive
find nearby bus stops
check bus route and timetable
buy mobile tickets on your phone
send feedback

Mobile application for camera producer

native app, integration with server side backend

photography tips and tricks
product presentation
photography tutorials and guides
videos and manuals

Augmented Reality game for multinational telecommunications company

integration with server side backend, augmented reality, camera, openGL

Shoot aproaching enemies
360 degree camera view with augmented reality
high score list

Series of 3d stereoscopic device presentations for multinational telecommunications company

server side backend, OpenGL, 3d models

explore device features with 3D view
google cardboard
virtual cinema screen

Android weather widget as a part of promotion of 3D computer-animated comedy film

integration with weather provider, Twitter and Facebook, widget animations

funny animations on Android home screen
video alarm clock
detect and set location of weather forecast

360 video presentation

google cardboard, openGL

virtual reality with google cardboard
3D sterescopic menu
360 degree video

360 video virtual reality presentation for oil company

oculus SDK, Gear VR

feel like a car driver in virtual cockpit

Digital magazine with articles and galleries

push notifications, in app purchases, server backend integration, authentication

digital reader
buy subscriptions
download content

Dedicated application for university

video, youtube, audio streaming, google maps with custom markers, phone calls

current information
presentations, videos
online radio
campus maps

Series of live wallpaper apps for cinema movies promotions

openGL, live wallpaper, NDK, video stream decoding

Animate static posters by adding a motion.
flame simulation
wind simulation
rain simulation
water simulation
parallax effect
video live wallpaper
videos on wallpaper background launched on device activation

Hidden object game

servers backend integration, multitouch, zoom large maps optimization

zoom large images and find hidden object
quiz questions
send your result to a leaderboard

Series of promotion games for multinational telecommunications company

OpenGL, voice recognition, accelerometers

Tic Tac Toe - with local multiplayer with quiz
Platformer game - run, jump, avoid obstacles and collect items
Memo - train your memory, learn about device features
Personalize company mascot
Escape the rain
Voice recognition - test voice features

Digital folder - series of device presentations

Standard android widgets, backend integration

text descriptions

and more...

in progress...