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Strategy game

 Matches is a game of strategy known as Nim. Two players take turns removing matches from distinct rows.
There are three rows of matches. On each turn, a player must remove at least one match, and may remove any number of matches provided they all come from the same row. The player who makes the last move (i.e., who takes the last object) wins.

Sum and blossom

Math game

Sum and Blossom is a multi-touch, addictive game with beautiful graphics and animations.
Add bubbles to get required sum and feed the flowers. Take advantage of multi-touch and split bubbles to obtain smaller numbers. Subtract different colored bubbles. Do it quickly and sunshine will double your points. Time is running, but there are special flowers.


Catch matching shapes

Rotate a box and catch matching shapes. Shapes speed increases in time. Three different shapesboxes, Campaign and endless mode.


Puzzle game

We are working on a clone of old Amiga puzzle game - Kretacz